Environmental Consultants

DKB Group has experience in providing environmental consultants with broad and flexible policy options to protect them against professional liability or errors and omission claims that can arise from their work.

To learn more about our insurance solutions for Environmental Consultants or to get a free, no obligation insurance quote, please contact us today!

The insurance carriers we work with offer programs designed to mitigate the risks faced by environmental consultants whether they are preparing environmental impact reports, performing hazardous waste investigations, or any of the complex assessments they perform. The DKB team will work closely with you to understand what risks your firm faces based on the work you do so you can be confident you have the right protection at the best price possible.

Our goal is to be a true business partner by providing the following services:

  • Contract Reviews
  • Policy Analysis
  • Coverage & Underwriting Analysis
  • Fast Turnaround on Insurance Certificates
  • Work with Legal Teams on Complex Issues
  • Assistance with Audit Disputes
  • Assistance with Claim Disputes
  • Assistance with Contract Negotiations
  • Assistance with Sales & Acquisitions
  • Assistance with Managing Risk for Retirement
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“DKB Group came in and reviewed my Insurance Program and were able to immediately put together a similar program with similar coverages with a premium reduction of over 30%+ with an A++ rated carrier. They understand the complex needs an Engineering firm faces in the New York City area and offered me a policy that covers the exposures I face on a daily basis.”

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