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Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies are companies that are involved in buying, selling, and renting properties on behalf of their clients. These agencies typically employ real estate agents who have knowledge of the market and assist clients in finding suitable properties, negotiating deals, and facilitating the completion of the necessary paperwork.

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Property Managers

Property managers are professionals who manage the daily operations of real estate properties on behalf of the property owners. They play a crucial role with their clients and handle many tasks such as maintenance of buildings, tenant selection, property maintenance (hiring contractors, hiring design professionals), collecting rent, and compliance with laws/regulations.

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The team at DKB Group has a Podiatrist On Staff to help you procure medical malpractice insurance to fit the growing demands of your practice. We have the knowledge of the medical industry so we can help you make an informed buying decision. With constantly changing regulations, declining reimbursements, and practice consolidations, it is more

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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is required by law in the United States. Many times it can be the most expensive insurance policy a firm purchases. Workers Compensation rates in most states have continuously increased for the last five years. With rising medical costs, widespread insurance fraud, and constant changes in regulations, it is critical that your firm

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Architects And Engineers

DKB Group has extensive experience in crafting insurance programs to mitigate the unique risks faced by design firms and consultants. With over 600 design professional clients, we have a proven track record of providing exceptional insurance and risk management services to the design industry. To learn more about our insurance solutions for Architects and Engineers or to

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Land Surveyors

DKB Group has experience and knowledge of professional liability insurance policies and can put together an insurance program to protect land surveyors from the unique risks they face in the daily operation of their business. From simple mortgage surveys to boundary surveys to construction stakeouts, and everything in between, we take the time to understand

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Environmental Consultants

DKB Group has experience in providing environmental consultants with broad and flexible policy options to protect them against professional liability or errors and omission claims that can arise from their work. To learn more about our insurance solutions for Environmental Consultants or to get a free, no obligation insurance quote, please contact us today! The insurance

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Trucking Companies

DKB Group has trucking industry insurance professionals who have real-life trucking operations experience. We have the knowledge and skills to work with your team to create a strategy to reduce claims, reduce SMS scores, improve safety, and control your insurance cost. We have access to Small and Large Fleet Insurance programs that were specifically designed

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The team at DKB Group has worked extensively with physicians to design medical malpractice insurance to fit the growing demands of their practice. We have knowledge of the medical professional industry so we can help you make the best buying decision for your business. With constantly changing regulations, declining reimbursements, and practice consolidations, it is

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All Services And Coverages

The team at DKB is focused on providing our clients with comprehensive services and coverage options. Our risk management experience has been developed over years of working with companies in highly specialized industries. Our services include: Analysis of your firm’s exposures to minimize your organization’s risk Insurance policy analysis identifying gaps in coverage Education on

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“Andrew has left messages, sent emails, and attempted to get his foot in the door for literally years now in an attempt to provide a proposal on our Professional Liability. As we were comfortable with the current broker, we opted not to receive other quotes. I cannot stress just how lucky we are that this year we did call him back and ask for assistance in reaching out for proposals. It was the best decision we could have made.
Andrew’s knowledge, professionalism, and ability to respond in a timely fashion are worth noting, as well as his perseverance. Sales is not an easy job by far, but he managed to continuously seek the opportunity to work with our firm without being overbearing. He answered each and every question I had without hesitation, clearly explaining jargon I still struggle with on insurance matters. He is clearly an asset.”

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